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Astrology ZODIAC Purple HIPPIE India Indian Wall Hanging TAPESTRY Bedspread

Astrology ZODIAC Purple HIPPIE India Indian Wall Hanging TAPESTRY Bedspread
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 Express your love of astrology and the celestial star signs  with this vibrantly colored purple hand-loomed zodiac tapestry! Can also be readily used as a wall decoration/hanging, tablecloth, couch cover  and many other creative options. HUGE, 72" x 108", made of 100% cotton and perfect size for a twin bed.

What is the meaning of the zodiac?
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The word "Zodiac" comes from the Greek word "zoe".  Zoe stands for "life".
stands for "wheel". Both zoe and diakos are  Greek also.
Together, they refer to the wheel of life for animals and humans both.
Although the zodiac has Greek origins, it is also believed to be deprived from
Egyptian, Arabian, and Babylonian times.

Each zodiac sign is associated with one of the four elements;  earth, air, fire, and water.
Below are their meanings.

Air - Pervasive and everywhere. Creation  of unity.
Earth - Use of physical body to make  things happen. Hard working and goal achiever.
Fire - Independent element of self;  Expressive of self, fearless
Water - Self-reflective and fluid;  Emotional and sensitive

What are the 12 "star  signs" and their traits?

Aries (The Ram)
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March 21 - April 19

The Ram is the symbol assigned to an Aries. The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries demonstrates a restlessness and energy that  gives the impression of someone exciting and vibrant. Their enthusiasm and optimism make them irresistible and natural born leaders  who are determined to succeed one way or another. Aries are the "doers" of the zodiac but if success is not immediate they can  become easily bored, giving them a reputation for not finishing what they have begun. 

Aries people are high-spirited, courageous, and independent - though they can  turn sulky if they have to take orders. Generous to a fault, they love to help others in need - but often seek credit  for their good deeds. Notorious for childish tantrums and taking offense at imagined slights, Aries  must learn that they are not the center of the universe. As a lover, they are passionate and giving - preferring to be the pursuer and  not the pursued!

Most Likeable Trait: Courage 
Element: Fire (energetic and enthusiastic) 
Ruling Planet: Mars (planet of energy and assertiveness)
Keyword: I AM 
Birthstone: Diamond

Taurus (The Bull)
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April 20 - May 20

The Bull is the symbol assigned to Taurus. People born under  the sign of Taurus are most noted for their dependability, patience and  perseverance. These qualities often lead them to success in achieving their goals in life.  Their quiet strength and determination inspires others to trust them
and they are quite faithful to those they love.

Taureans are stubborn and not fond of change. Preferring time to prepare for  things, they simply cannot be rushed into anything new.  Their strongest desire is for personal security and any threat to that may lead  to feelings of bitterness. Though basically quiet, patient and reserved they can also be secretive, stingy,  and suspicious.  Dependable Taurus also loves the comforts of the good life - enjoying good food  and plush surroundings. In love they are sensual, affectionate, possessive and faithful. 

Most Likeable Trait: Dependability 
Element: Earth (practical and stable) 
Ruling Planet: Venus (planet of love and pleasure)
Keyword: I HAVE 
Birthstone: Emerald

Gemini (The Twins)
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May 21 - June 20

The Twins is the symbol assigned to Gemini. Gemini's have a  need to communicate and share their ideas. Intelligent and adaptive, Gemini people are curious about everything. Their  restless nature is always on the lookout for new ideas and experiences. With a tendency to spend their energy on too many projects instead of  concentrating on one, Gemini's know a little about a lot of different subjects
but not to any degree. This may make them somewhat superficial, on the other  hand it makes a great first impression! Amusing, charming and witty, Gemini's are usually surrounded by many friends.

Their changeable personality gives them a unique ability to understand what  others are thinking and maneuver themselves into many favorable positions. They are too willing to adapt the traits of others and tend to say what others  want to hear instead of saying what they really think. Romance will prove intriguing and exciting as the Gemini lover has imagination  and flair. However they may not seem fully committed and can appear to be preoccupied.

Most Likeable Trait: Responsiveness 
Element: Air (communicative and intellectual)
Ruling Planet: Mercury (planet of the mind)
Keyword: I THINK 
Birthstone: Agate

Cancer (The Crab)
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June 21 - July 22

The symbol of Cancer is the Crab. Cancer is the sign of home  and family life. Always ready to supply emotional nurturing by "mothering" everyone who appears  to be in need, Cancerians can be kind, sympathetic, patient listeners. Their astrological  symbol - the Crab, has certain behaviours directly associated with the nature of this sign. The hard outer shell protects  the soft vulnerable flesh underneath. Cancerians can be real softies  underneath their tough exterior. Just as the Crab walks sideways, people under this sign never take a direct  approach to accomplishing their goals.
This complex, and unpredictable sign needs constant support and love but resent  needing approval so badly However if they are made to feel secure you will earn their affection and  undying loyalty. In love they prove to be devoted, protective and possessive lovers. Not known for their ability to forgive and  forget, the emotional Crab feels most things very strongly, so don't be the one to cross them!

Most Likeable Trait: Loyalty 
Element: Water (emotional and imaginative)
Ruling Planet: The Moon (planet of emotions and instincts)
Keyword: I FEEL 
Birthstone: Pearl

Leo (The Lion)
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July 23 - August 22

The Lion is the sign of a Leo. Enthusiastic and generous,  Leo's have a true love for life and the pleasures it offers. They rule their kingdoms (big or small) and thrive on drama and attention.  Affectionate and cheerful, no one could ask for a better friend but their ego demands flattery, adoration and praise in return. Leos are hard  workers, taking on projects that others would not attempt. They are ambitious and full of enthusiasm as long as they are in the limelight.  Stubbornly clinging to their pride, Leos do not readily change their opinions or behaviour for others. Their egos  simply will not allow them to admit to being wrong - even to the point of clinging to bad relationships. They are often guilty of  turning a mundane problem into an overblown crisis. Like their symbol, the Lion, Leo is playful, fun and extremely social. In love  they are passionate, sensual and inventive. 

Most Likeable Trait: Exuberance 
Element: Fire (energetic and enthusiastic)
Ruling Planet: The Sun (planet of vitality and individuality)
Keyword: I WILL 
Birthstone: Ruby

Virgo (The Virgin)
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 August 23 - September 23

The symbol assigned to Virgo is the Virgin. Virgo is the sign  of service and self-improvement.
The symbol is a young woman gathering wheat. Virgo's harvest information and put  what they learn to practical use. With an analytical approach to life and a critical eye for organization, Virgo's  are in constant search of perfection. Their heightened awareness of the world's imperfections often leave them unhappy  and hypercritical. Disappointment can harden into cynicism and skepticism. Virgo consequently  becomes quite critical with self as well as circumstances. Reserved and shy, it's hard for them to relax or make small talk with strangers  - preferring one-on-one encounters. Logical and rational, Virgo's like to bring order out of chaos and feel a need  to justify their lives. In love, Virgos are a much misunderstood sign. Outwardly they may appear calm  and unreachable but this is a disguise.
Underneath that cool facade they are sensuous, passionate and cautious all at  the same time. 

Most Likeable Trait: Conscientiousness 
Element: Earth (practical and stable)
Ruling Planet: Mercury (planet of the mind)
Keyword: I ANALYZE 
Birthstone: Sapphire

Libra (The Scales)
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September 24 - October 22

The symbol of the Libra is the Balance. Libra is the sign of  partnership. They are easy to like with a captivating charm and a gift of making others feel  important. Born under the sign of the scales, Librans look for balance and harmony. Because of their ability to see both sides of an argument they are born  diplomats. However with their reluctance to face confrontations, they try to be all things  to all people, giving an impression of indecisiveness. Libra loves to be admired and responds readily to praise and flattery. In love they are imaginative and sensuous and will enchant and dazzle you
with their charm - but beware if they become bored...they lose interest fast! 

Most Likeable Trait: Charm 
Element: Air (communicative and intellectual)
Ruling Planet: Venus (planet of love and pleasure)
Keyword: I BALANCE 
Birthstone: Opal

Scorpio (The Scorpion)
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October 23 - November 21

The symbol of Scorpio is the Scorpion. The sign of extremes,  Scorpio people are a bundle of contradictions encompassing the best and worst in  human nature. Scorpios need a positive avenue of expression or negative aspects such as  brooding, jealousy and vengefulness may present themselves. When positive emotions are engaged the Scorpion energy, drive and endurance  shine through. They can accomplish many things in life because of their tenacity in sticking with projects when others lose patience  and stamina. They never forget a kindness and repay generously.
On the other hand if you cross them they make a dangerous enemy and getting even  is never enough. Emotion rules Scorpio. They are passionate about everything they become involved in. In love they are  very affectionate and loyal but also demanding and possessive. 

Most Likeable Trait: Idealism 
Element: Water (emotional and imaginitive)
Ruling Planet: Pluto (planet of transformation)
Keyword: I DESIRE 
Birthstone: Topaz

Sagittarius (The Archer)
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November 22 - December 21

The symbol of the Sagittarius is the Archer. Optimistic  Sagittarius appears to breeze through life.
Ruled by Jupiter (planet of fortune), they always seem to be in the right place  at the right time.
Restless and independent they prize their freedom above all. Sagittarians are  hard to pin down for long and do not welcome enduring, profound relationships. They are among the most  likeable people of the zodiac as well as the most straightforward and honest to the point of being blunt.  Ironically they are thin-skinned and too easily hurt by the thoughtless remarks or actions of others. Extravagant and wasteful,  Sagittarius lives for today believing in their luck for tomorrow. Flirtatious and charming, this free spirit finds love passionate and challenging  but domesticity boring.
The perfect playmate - but only as long as the game is worth playing! 

Most Likeable Trait: Optimism 
Element: Fire (energetic and enthusiastic)
Ruling Planet: Jupiter (planet of luck and expansion)
Keyword: I SEE 
Birthstone: Turquoise

Capricorn (The Sea Goat)
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December 22 - January 19

The symbol of the Capricorn is the Sea Goat. Capricorns are  ambitious and motivated by a desire for success, status, money and position. Practical and patient, they are determined to succeed one way or another but  they must learn, however, that the end never justifies the means. They have a good sense of humor but will not forgive being ridiculed or  slighted. The loner of the zodiac, they are experts at concealing their  insecurities, preferring to be admired and respected. With a tendency to always test the  loyalty of those closest to them, Capricorn has a great need to be loved and appreciated. If you can break through  their cool exteriors, passions run deep and love will prove to be faithful and long lasting. 

Most Likeable Trait: Steadiness 
Element: Earth (practical and stable)
Ruling Planet: Saturn (planet of discipline and limitation)
Keyword: I USE 
Birthstone: Garnet

Aquarius (The Water Bearer)
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January 20 - February 18

The sign of the Aquarius is the Water Bearer. Aquarians are  unorthodox, original people who refuse to follow the crowd. They are so determined not be like anyone else that they are sometimes contrary  just to be different. They are independent thinkers with ambitions of doing something important and  meaningful. With a strong stubborn streak they resist changing their opinions or accepting  new ideas that they do not like. Loyal, kind, and easygoing they tend to attract many friends and acquaintances  through life. Aquarians are idealists and humanitarians at heart. In love they are  stimulating, innovative and creative -  faithful as long as they don't feel fenced in. 

Most Likeable Trait: Friendliness 
Element: Air (communicative and intellectual)
Ruling Planet: Uranus (planet of change and originality)
Keyword: I KNOW 
Birthstone: Amethyst

Pisces (The Fish)
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February 19 - March 20

The sign of the Pisces is the Fish. The last sign of the  zodiac, Pisces is the sign of eternity, reincarnation and spiritual rebirth. Compassionate and fair-minded Pisces have the ability to see deep into the human  psyche. Intuitive and sensitive, others would be wise to pay attention to their hunches. This extraordinary sensitivity can also be their downfall. They may fall prey to picking the wrong companions because they so readily  identify with the feelings of others, and willingly adapt themselves to different people. Pisceans react emotionally  and are not afraid to break the rules 
if the situation demands a more humane approach. Creative and intensely  imaginative, people under this mysterious sign are often successful artists, writers, and musicians. In love, romance is the  way to this sign's heart! 

Most Likeable Trait: Compassion 
Element: Water (emotional and imaginative)
Ruling Planet: Neptune (planet of spirituality and illusion)
Keyword: I BELIEVE 
Birthstone: Aquamarine

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