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Peaceful Our Lady Grace Blessed Virgin Mother Mary Garden Figure Yard Statue

Peaceful Our Lady Grace Blessed Virgin Mother Mary Garden Figure Yard Statue
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Peaceful Garden Ceramic
Mother Mary Statue Figure

15-3/4" x 6-5/8" x 5"

Add serenity to your living or outdoor space with this Peaceful Garden Figure. Holy figure of Mary has a weathered, hand-carved wood look and soft, handpainted details.

The Mary Statue (15-3/4" x 6-5/8" x 5") holds a position of prayer as she wears a hooded, caped shawl with hints of blue.

Made of weather-resistant cold cast ceramic. 

  • Over a foot tall! 
  • Details:
    • Mary Statue, 15-3/4" x 6-5/8" x 5"
    • Cold cast ceramic

Feel Free To Chat With Us !! Call 215-550-7100"Living on Love is imitating Mary,
Bathing your divine feet that she kisses, transported. With tears, with precious perfume, She dries them with her long hair…
Then standing up, she shatters the vase,
And in turn she anoints your Sweet Face.
As for me, the perfume with which I anoint your Face Is my Love!…."
St. Therese of Lisieux

Saint Mary, also known as the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady, Mary of Sorrows, Queen of the Universe, Queen of the Angels, and Mother of God

Feel Free To Chat With Us !! Call 215-550-7100Feast Days: January 1 (Mary, Mother of God), February 11 (Our Lady of Lourdes), May 13 (Our Lady of Fatima), May 31 (Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary), August 15 (the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary), August 22 (Queenship of Mary), September 8 (Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary), December 8 (Feast of the Immaculate Conception), December 12 (Our Lady of Guadalupe)

Mary serves as the patron saint of all human beings, watching over them with motherly care, due to her role as mother of the world’s savior, Jesus Christ. Saint Mary is also the patron saint of groups that include mothers; blood donors; travelers and those who work in the travel industry (such as airplane and ship crews); cooks and those who work in the food industry; construction workers; people who make clothes, jewelry, and home furnishings; numerous places and churches worldwide; and people who are seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Feel Free To Chat With Us !! Call 215-550-7100Mary was born into a devout Jewish family in Galilee (now part of Israel) when it was part of the ancient Roman Empire. Her parents were Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, whom Catholic tradition says that angels visited separately to inform them that Anne was expecting Mary. Mary's parents dedicated her to God in a Jewish temple when she was 3 years old.

By the time Mary was about 12 or 13 years old, historians believe, she was engaged to Joseph, a devout Jewish man. It was during Mary’s engagement that she learned through an angelic visitation of the plans God had for her to serve as Jesus Christ’s mother on Earth. Mary responded with faithful obedience to God’s plan, despite the personal challenges that it presented for her. Mary humbly Feel Free To Chat With Us !! Call 215-550-7100accepted her divinely-appointed role, saying, "May it be unto me as you have said."
According to the Gospel of Luke, a decree of the Roman emperor Augustus required that Joseph and his betrothed should proceed to Bethlehem for a census. While they were there, Mary gave birth to Jesus; but because there was no place for them in the inn, she had to use a manger as a cradle. He was named Jesus in accordance with the instructions that the "angel of the Lord" had given to Joseph after the Annunciation to Mary.
Mary and Joseph raised Jesus Christ, as well as other children -- "brothers" and "sisters" whom the Bible mentions in Matthew chapter 13. Protestant Christians think that those children were Mary and Joseph’s children, born naturally after Jesus was born and Mary and Joseph then consummated their marriage. But Catholics think that they were Mary’s stepchildren from Joseph’s former marriage to a woman who had died before he became engaged to Mary.

Feel Free To Chat With Us !! Call 215-550-7100The Bible records many instances of Mary with Jesus Christ during his lifetime, including a time when she and Joseph lost track of him and found Jesus teaching people in a temple when he was 12 years old (Luke chapter 2), and when wine ran out at a wedding and she asked her son to turn water into wine to help out the host (John chapter 2). Mary was near the cross as Jesus died on it (John chapter 19). Immediately after the resurrected Jesus’ ascension into heaven, the Bible mentions in Acts 1:14 that Mary prayed along with the apostles and others.

Before Jesus Christ died on the cross, he asked the apostle John to take care of Mary for the rest of her life. Many historians believe that Mary later moved to the ancient city of Ephesus (which is now part of Turkey) along with John, and ended her earthly life there. Her death is not recorded in scripture. However, Catholic and Orthodox tradition and doctrine have her assumed (taken bodily) into Heaven. Belief in the corporeal assumption of Mary is universal to Catholicism, in both Eastern and Western Catholic Churches, as well as the Eastern Orthodox Church, Coptic Churches, and parts of the Anglican Communion and Continuing Anglican Churches.


Feel Free To Chat With Us !! Call 215-550-7100

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