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Celtic Sun Tribal Knot Tapestry Bedspread Wall Hanging

Celtic Sun Tribal Knot Tapestry Bedspread Wall Hanging
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Express your appreciation of the source of warmth and light with this eloquent, hand-loomed, black,gold and maroon Celtic Sun tapestry/bedspread!

Can also be readily used as a wall decoration/hanging, tablecloth, couch cover and many other creative options. HUGE, 72" x 108", made of 100% cotton and perfect size for a twin bed.

What is the meaning of the Celtic sun?

Celtic mythology was not unified, so the sun was attached to different gods and served different purposes, depending upon the locale. With the development of Christianity, the sun's powers slowly became integrated into the notion of a Christian god.


The sun is most associated with heat  and medicine in Celtic mythology. Some sects also associated it with fertility, ascribing it to their various mother goddesses.


Because the sun helped govern the  natural world, Celts would often connect it to an annual calendar. Celtic sun wheels--worn pieces of jewelry or similar symbols--had  spokes marking the solstices and equinoxes.

Famous Ties

Julius Caesar and other Romans wrote  about human sacrifices to the sun, in which men were placed in wicker figures and burned. Evidence suggests such practices took place, although animal sacrifices were more common, and human victims were likely either condemned criminals or prisoners of war.

Fun Fact

The Celts celebrated the sun every year  on May 1, just in time for the rebirth of spring. They lit ceremonial fires on that day and herded their livestock between them in a gesture of purification.

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