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Pentacle Pentagram Floral Flowers Celtic Wicca Altar Cloth Bedspread Tapestry Wall Hanging

Pentacle Pentagram Floral Flowers Celtic Wicca Altar Cloth Bedspread Tapestry Wall Hanging
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Tags: pentacle, pentagram, floral, wicca, tapestries, bedspreads, bedding

This Flower Pentacle Tapestry presents a complex weave of green, yellow and blue flowers mingling with Celtic knots. This tapestry displays a pentagram, the symbol of earth, air, fire and water linked by Spirit, to make a wonderful hanging for your sacred space. Perfect for Ostara or Spring Equinox! Can also be readily used as a wall decoration/hanging, tablecloth, couch cover and many other creative options! HUGE, 72" x 108", made of 100% cotton and perfect size for a twin bed.

What is the meaning of the Pentacle?

A five pointed star, encased by an outer circle. Adopted by the first pagan practitioners, it is always seen with it's apex pointing upward toward the Divine.

The Pentagram is an ancient symbol with many different meanings and representations. One of the original is that the four lower points represent the four aspects of the world; {earth, water, air, and fire} with the fifth top point representing the divine spirit.

Another interpretation is the creative spirit over all creation, in other words, mind/spirit over matter.

Some interpretations place specific details on the meaning for each point.

Earth: The lower left point - Stability and Physical Endurance.
Fire: The lower right point - Courage and Daring.
Water: The upper right point - Emotions and Intuition.
Air: The upper left point - Intelligence and the Arts.
Spirit: The topmost point - Deity the Divine, and the All that Is.

In all cases, the star is encircled by a wheel, representing the continual flow of life, or energy.

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