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Namaste Lotus Flower Bamboo Wind Chimes
The lovely image of a Lotus Flower has been painted in a creative red antique fashion and hangs ..
Lotus Flower Blossom Necklace
Lotus Flower Blossom Necklace Gold ~ Made of 18K gold plate over stainless steel Silver ~ Plated s..
Lotus Flower OM Symbol Eco Reusable TOTE Bag Yoga HIPPIE India Purse Shopping
Carry your belongings,  groceries, shopping goods, yoga clothes to  and from  cla..
Lotus Flower Blossom Om Tie Dye Celtic Wicca Door Window Curtain Tapestry Wall Hanging
This intricately detailed, hand-loomed unique and vibrant purple curtain/tapestry features the OM sy..
Lotus Blossom Flower Metal Indian Dangle Earrings
Lovely lotus blossom flower white metal dangling earrings, measuring 1" in diameter. What is the ..
Om Aum Symbol Yoga Lotus Flower Tapestry Bedspread Wall Hanging
This intricately detailed, hand-loomed tapestry/bedspread features the OM symbol in various tie-dye ..

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