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Rose Quartz True Love Pink Heart Shaped Crystal Prayer Healing Chakra Puff Gemstone

Rose Quartz True Love Pink Heart Shaped Crystal Prayer Healing Chakra Puff Gemstone
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Puffed Gemstone Rose Quartz Heart
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Measures 1-1/2" tall x 1-1/2" dia.

This beautiful heart shaped rose quartz puffy heart stone has a powerful energy that resonates within both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra, or thymus chakra, the area related to compassion. 

Rose quartz is a quartz crystal that derives its name from its lovely rose pink color.  These crystals come in a range of beautiful shades of pink.  It is known as the 'love stone' as it emits the strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and healing. 

Rose Quartz, a silicon dioxide crystal, is one of the most common varieties  of the Quartz family.  Its name is derived from its soft rose color, which ranges from very pale  pink to deep reddish-pink.   It usually occurs in massive form, though it sometimes grows in clusters of  small prismatic crystals.  It varies in clarity from opaque to translucent to a foggy transparency.

Properties of Rose Quartz

Unconditional love ~  Self-love ~ Mother love ~  Caring ~ Kindness
Friendship ~ Romantic love ~ Platonic love

Rose Quartz is a rose pink variety of Quartz and a 5th Anniversary  gemstone.

Chakras - Heart  Chakra
Zodiac - Taurus,  Libra
Planet – Venus
Element –  Earth, Water
Typical colours - Rose pink

The fair and lovely Rose Quartz, with its gentle pink essence, is a  stone of the heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love.  It carries a soft feminine energy  of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.  It speaks directly  to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and circulates a Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura.  Reawakening the heart to its own innate love, it provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment, allowing one the capacity  to truly give and receive love from others.

Called the Heart Stone, Rose Quartz may have been used as a love token as early as 600 B.C. and is still an important talisman of relationships. It is quite  effective in attracting new love, romance and intimacy, or in developing a closer bond with family or friends.  It supports connection within groups and community, and carries a high spiritual attunement to the Earth, Universe, and the Divine.

Rose Quartz also inspires the love of beauty, in self and others, in nature, and especially that which stimulates the imagination - art, music and the written word.


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